The clothing we offer comes from the prosperous combination of New York/New Jersey tri-state area.

Clothing is obtained through the organization from numerous collections: door to door, cash for clothes, from schools and from over 700 clothing containers (owned by our supplier).

Thanks to that we are a direct representative, we have the opportunity to offer you high quality goods at a competitive price.

Method of sorting and packing

The collected product goes directly to the production line. The goods acquired during this first stage are called "PRE SORT".

It contains ONLY clothing, big bags with PRE SORT will NOT have the following items: toys, shoes, handbags, books, bed sheets, and clothes that are clearly unsuitable for further sale.

"Purified" product goes directly to big bags (final weight about 136 kg/300 lbs).

What is in the big bag?

Our offer of PRE SORT is a new quality on the market of second-hand clothes. The big bag includes ONLY clothing: Men's, Women's, Children, All seasons.

What set our PRE SORT apart from the traditional unsorted clothing is that it’s cleansed of unnecessary/unsuitable for sale items that significantly affect the weight and quality of the final product.

PRE-SORT that is offered by us is the highest quality, articles with tags are by no means removed.

We strictly sell wholesale, we do not have stores with used clothing.

Regular shipments are twice a month.